Beef Industry

Lamar Steiger


Supply Chain Consultant

Wal-Mart beef supply chain consultant. Helped lead a dramatic and innovative change to the Walmart beef supply by creating a true ranch-to-retail supply chain that ensures consistency and quality at an everyday low price. Expert in ranch to retail beef supply and profitable ranch management.

Current board member of New Zealand protein packaging company, FoodCap, and supply chain consultant for several international ‘go to market’ food supply chain consulting clients.


Speaking engagements across the country in Beef Industry, Supply Chain, Agriculture, etc.

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In this episode ABS NuEra and Beef InFocus™ Brand Manager, Samantha Wilson explains what sustainability means to ABS and how we can continue to grow in our mission to provide solutions for our producers in the years to come.In segment two, we talk to Walmart’s Fresh Meat Consultant and The 808 Ranch Owner, Lamar Steiger about what large grocery chains need to give consumers what they want. We also cover current events, like how the pandemic effected market prices and demand for beef, and how important it is to keep the lights on and doors open in the face of natural disasters. These were some great conversations that you won’t want to miss out on!
Part 2 on the Walmart Beef Supply Chain with guest Lamar Steiger, as we address whether Walmart’s vertically integrated beef supply could someday control prices all the way down to the rancher and the benefit of having the largest grocery retailer in the country focused on beef. 
Back by popular demand is guest co-host Janette Barnard. She co-hosted on episode 225 about direct-to-consumer meat, and is back today with Lamar Steiger, a consultant who is helping Walmart rethink their beef supply chain. They’re doing some really innovative stuff trying to improve quality and create shared value. Janette is the author of Prime Future, a weekly newsletter about trends in the animal protein value chain, and she’s the managing principal of Rock Road Consulting helping companies launch, source, and fund innovation. She’s also just a great friend and my go-to source on all things animal agriculture.
Lamar Steiger is a consultant to Walmart and other businesses in the beef supply chain. He owns The 808 Ranch in southwest Missouri and calls the Bentonville, AR, area home today. Lamar is a lifelong student of the beef industry and today uses this perspective to help retail companies find new and better ways to manage the beef supply chain and deliver consistent, high-quality beef to consumers.